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The only cure for grieving... is to grieve.

I believe that grief is the most painful experience that we’ll ever encounter within our lives; and nothing can prepare or equip us to deal with the overwhelming tsunami of feelings and emotions.  Nothing or no-one can take away the crippling pain and make you feel better.  The only cure for grieving is to grieve!


Meet Sonia.

"In developing programmes I speak from a place of recognition, experience and empathy as I too have lived through the experience of losing seven significant members of my family within 7 years – and I can now say, at the end of the deep and darkened tunnel, there shines the light of hope which will once again lead you back into some kind of normality where you will heal and re-adjust to life."

Living through Loss is a process and it gives me great pleasure to present my newly developed course on bereavement aptly titled, ‘Living through Loss’. 

Sonia is the Founder and Course Director of Mooreoptions Skills Development Training, based in Birmingham, UK. She is a Person-Centred trained Counsellor with over 20 years experience of working in colleges of Further and Higher Education and the voluntary sector.

Sonia has worked as a tutor developing accredited courses in Counselling, Psychology, Stress management, Personal Development, Health and Well-being, Bereavement and so much more. 

During her time spent as a Counsellor and Lecturer, Sonia engaged with so many individuals and client groups that she acquired a vast amount of experience and knowledge into the understanding of human behaviours. She gets great joy from working with others and sharing her experiences to empower them to own their journeys.

As a private training provider and previous accredited NCFE Centre, Sonia has delivered on a range of accredited and personal development programmes within various community hubs.

Sonia is a people person, and as such is inspired by individuals and their experiences; so, it is very much in her nature to work with others holistically, and where the focus is centred on mind, body and spirit.


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Sonia has been working as a counsellor and lecturer for over 20 years and so knows the best ways to provide a truly therapeutic learning environment.